Signs that You Should Repaint your Home 


Painting a house could be time consuming and inconvenient. However, it is simpler than it appears. It is a great investment that enhances the good looks and integrity of the house. 


The first impression potential buyers and guests receive and the first defense of your home against the elements is the paint. It is clearly time to repaint when it peels, chips, or fades. However, there are other signs to notice. Check this Jackpot games  

If you notice some of the signs below, it’s wise to contact Panama City Painters for your painting needs.  

Cracking, Bubbling, or Flaking Paint 

The signs frequently show mold, wet rot, or dry rot caused by unsuccessful weatherproofing. Ocean breezes, blowing sand, storms, extreme humidity, harsh winters, and strong sunlight could be a factor to the damage.  

Hardened Caulk 

Almost all caulks are developed to contract and grow along with the home. Caulking would loss the elasticity with relating it with the best work process by your house is exposed to more severe cycles of weather, such as freezing nights and sunny days. It is likely time to contact a professional to inspect for damage and re-caulk if the beads are resistant and hard when you press it down. 

Fading Paint 

Bleaching due to the sun is normal; also, dark colors appear to fade quicker than paler ones. However, fading on shady portions of your home signifies issues with the water intrusion or vapor barrier. Search for superficially strange stains leaking down the paint. It is a sign of water leaks if materials that are water-soluble developed for the interiors of the house end up outside your home. Contact a professional if you cannot locate the source.  

Patching Stucco 

Repaint the entire home and patch stucco cracks to reduce expenses without re-stuccoing your whole home. Else, you would be left with a patchwork or streaks from paint that does not somehow match. 

Morphing of the Paint Color 

The paint fades due to UV rays. Also, it often changes to an unwanted color after painting. In a matter of days, beige could change to pink. Ensure that the paint is an exterior type that could bear the effects of the UV rays to avoid morphing colors.  

To Enhance Curb Appeal 

The house would no longer shine or there’s nothing to make your house stand out around the surrounding if it looks faded. Usually, a fresh paint coat would do the job. It makes it look new and increases the home’s value.

If your Home is New 

Usually, painters apply 1 paint coat over wood that is pre-primed. The primer reduces warpage. However, it is typically not enough to avoid shrinkage or swelling. Before it is installed, prime the wood if possible. Then, within 5 years, plan on repainting your house. 

Before Paint Peels or Chips 

Do not wait until chips of pain are noticeable from outside. Painting your home early reduces damage to your house’s exterior. Also, keep in mind that the expenses in painting could be reduced by minimizing prep work.