Signs that You Should Repaint your Home 


Painting a house could be time consuming and inconvenient. However, it is simpler than it appears. It is a great investment that enhances the good looks and integrity of the house. 


The first impression potential buyers and guests receive and the first defense of your home against the elements is the paint. It is clearly time to repaint when it peels, chips, or fades. However, there are other signs to notice. Check this Jackpot games  

If you notice some of the signs below, it’s wise to contact Panama City Painters for your painting needs.  

Cracking, Bubbling, or Flaking Paint 

The signs frequently show mold, wet rot, or dry rot caused by unsuccessful weatherproofing. Ocean breezes, blowing sand, storms, extreme humidity, harsh winters, and strong sunlight could be a factor to the damage.  

Hardened Caulk 

Almost all caulks are developed to contract and grow along with the home. Caulking would loss the elasticity with relating it with the best work process by your house is exposed to more severe cycles of weather, such as freezing nights and sunny days. It is likely time to contact a professional to inspect for damage and re-caulk if the beads are resistant and hard when you press it down. 

Fading Paint 

Bleaching due to the sun is normal; also, dark colors appear to fade quicker than paler ones. However, fading on shady portions of your home signifies issues with the water intrusion or vapor barrier. Search for superficially strange stains leaking down the paint. It is a sign of water leaks if materials that are water-soluble developed for the interiors of the house end up outside your home. Contact a professional if you cannot locate the source.  

Patching Stucco 

Repaint the entire home and patch stucco cracks to reduce expenses without re-stuccoing your whole home. Else, you would be left with a patchwork or streaks from paint that does not somehow match. 

Morphing of the Paint Color 

The paint fades due to UV rays. Also, it often changes to an unwanted color after painting. In a matter of days, beige could change to pink. Ensure that the paint is an exterior type that could bear the effects of the UV rays to avoid morphing colors.  

To Enhance Curb Appeal 

The house would no longer shine or there’s nothing to make your house stand out around the surrounding if it looks faded. Usually, a fresh paint coat would do the job. It makes it look new and increases the home’s value.

If your Home is New 

Usually, painters apply 1 paint coat over wood that is pre-primed. The primer reduces warpage. However, it is typically not enough to avoid shrinkage or swelling. Before it is installed, prime the wood if possible. Then, within 5 years, plan on repainting your house. 

Before Paint Peels or Chips 

Do not wait until chips of pain are noticeable from outside. Painting your home early reduces damage to your house’s exterior. Also, keep in mind that the expenses in painting could be reduced by minimizing prep work.  


Hiring a Professional Home Painter


Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your house, it is a wise plan to look for quotes from expert home painters, even if you think you would possibly do the work yourself. By doing this, you would have an economic comparison point and you might benefit from what the professional house painter has to talk about the available types of paint, color choices, and the condition of your house. Before you choose what to do, You still could decide to do it yourself while learning something new.  

Home Painter

You could likely do the work yourself and save cash if you have plenty of time and a 1-story home with slight peeling. It might be good to hire a professional house painter to do the job for you if the house is bigger and requires huge amount of time for the preparation. 

Painting is considered as 1 of the simplest DIY projects that you could do. However, it’s also a work that’s very simple to create a mess.  

Here are some points to consider. 

Do you have the required tools? 

Painting your home isn’t a job that only requires one ladder. You would require some scaffolding and at least 2 extension ladders. Don’t worry. This equipment could be rented. e to use your expenses. 

Are you willing to take the risk? 

It is very risky to work on scaffolding. House painting experts have worked with it and have knowledge of what safety precautions are required. Painting is repetitive job. And after several hours on the scaffolding, it is simple to lose way of just how thin the board is.  

Do you have enough time to do the preparation? 

To correctly remove all the paint spots that are peeling, it would require a disciplined approach. Do not do it yourself if you are not going to do it properly. There is no point in exerting all your effort for the paint job if it is just going to peel again after several years.  

If you choose to employ an expert home painter, ensure that you acquire 3 quotes on the site from reputable companies that have been in the oasis  for around 5 up to 10 years. Even an awful paint work could look great for several years after all. So, you would like to hire a house painting company with projects that have been confirmed to withstand time. Also, you must remember that a reputable company has their own site, such as 

Simply keep in mind that you could expect an expert service when you hire expert painters. Also, tell your friends if you find a professional and great painting company or painter. Why? Well, nothing is greater than word of mouth after all. Also, this is 1 of the greatest reasons to employ an expert house painter you know you would be able to give your trust.  


How to Hire a Painting Company


Almost all homeowners hire a company to repaint their house’s exterior. So should too. Homeowners who have done DIY painting jobs usually ended up in a disaster.  

Painting Company

Whether you would have your home painted in the spring on in the fall, here are some advice to help make sure you would get a great service.  

Meet the Professionals 

Contact at least 3 various companies for the job. Remember that family and friends are great sources for references. Also, you must be in your house for the 1st meeting. In this way, you would know how much effort every company exerted to examine your house’s condition. The more effort he exerts, the more realistic the quote you would get. Even a very experienced expert would require more than a fast stroll around your home.  

Ask also every contractor about their crew size and the experience level of each member. 

State your Expectations 

The amount of coats the painter puts is not the only aspect in knowing the price and quality of the job. The key is also the preparation. Tell the painter and be prepared to spend extra dollars if you want the surface to be free of disproportion. However, agree on what preparation level is acceptable and what is not if you could live with few imperfections.Before you do everything make sure to inspect your house before handing over to the painters. 

Get Quotes 

Ask for a written quote from every company. It must have a detailed explanation of the amount of surface prep that would be done, the model and brand of materials, the amount of coasts of paint and primer, and the breakdown of material and labor costs.  

Check Past Work and References 

Acquire a reference list from every company and contact them to find about the experience they had with the company. It is a good sign if the company has positive references.

Consider Credentials 

Consider their credentials before hiring someone. For instance, membership in a local or trade business group is not assurance of a good work. However, it signifies a commitment level and reliability. Confirm also whether the expert has the required licenses.  

Get a Full Contract 

The contract must include all the key information of the contractor – license number, cell and office numbers, address, name, and all the details that are included in the quote. Ensure that the contract states clearly what isn’t and what is included in the project. 

Ask for the copy of the workers compensation and liability insurance certificates of the painter. You could be in great trouble if the painter does not have coverage.  

Ask for Assurance 

The painter must promise to fix any excessive chalking, fading, flaking, blistering, peeling, or chipping that happens within 2 years after the project is completed with little to no cost. Keep in mind that the warranty does not include labor if the painter tells you that the paint has warranty.